Attention House Sellers! How to Add Value to Your House before Your Sell

Most people want to live in a very pleasant beautiful home. It is very fortunate that there are so many things to do, and many renovations to make, to increase the house value. Hints, provided here on how to add value to your home, vary depending on your budget. Some are small budgeted and are thus easy to accomplish, while others are slightly hard.


One of the cheapest and simplest home improvement strategies is painting. Freshly painted rooms look updated, and fresh. When choosing paint colours, bear in mind that neutrals are the most appealing to the majority, making your home the most desirable.

Reduce the Energy Costs

The amount of money spent every month on energy may appear like a fixed amount. Liaising with local companies will save you the heck of incurring a higher cost. They can explain to you how to maximise the energy efficiency of your house. The beauty is that an energy efficient home will save you money, as well as will save buyers money in the long run. According to Euro Solar 2016, solar panel installation could contribute to up to 20% increase in property value.

Tree Planting

If you are not in a position of selling your house today, increase its value with a landscaping improvement that will ripen in the future. Mature trees not only enhance the value and make your home more desirable but also cut your cooling costs by as much as 45 percent. Trees and flowers decoratively make the landscape look like a small paradise. Many buyers will be willing to pay massively, to live in the paradise.

Install a Kitchen Luxury

Put a water filtration system in the kitchen. These systems will purify not only your water but also reduce grocery bills. Sincerely, a water filtration system is an expensive addition, but it is what many house buyers are looking.

Improve Air Conditions inside the House

Consider installing outdoor and indoor air conditioners. By the way, it is not just about air conditioners. Professionals will tell you that even your floor can affect air quality in the house. Older carpets might be harbouring contaminants and allergens. Select environment-friendly, natural items like laminate floors or tiles. Hard-surface floors are always easier to keep clean, do not keep odours, give your home a fantastic look, and attract many buyers.

Beautify the Lawn

A messy, overgrown lawn creates a wrong impression. Fortunately, you can get professional to trim and resize them to the desirable look. Getting a lawn service company only requires a few hundred dollars, but your house value is increased exponentially. It is also necessary that you keep checking the lawn conditions at all time. The secret is to maintain their beauty at all times.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Many buyers greatly value a sparkling clean house. Make the interior of your house shine brightly from the moment a potential buyer walks into the house to the time he leaves. Yes, you can clean it yourself, but trust me- it will not be perfect. Figuratively speaking, you only need less than $400 to hire a professional and get the job done. With their long-term experience in this task, cleaners will conduct a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning and scrubbing. They can remove all the hard-to-see nooks and crannies that you could never have seen, even if you were to clean the house every day.

Install New Energy Efficient Fixtures

It is a beautiful idea to have a functional, decorative fan. With a good fan, you do not necessarily have to install an expensive air conditioner. It majorly beautifies the environment and softens breeze in the house. But an old fashioned, wobbly, broken fan is useless and scary. Consider replacing older fixtures with the new ones to make your home more pleasant, and to increase the bottom line should you desire to sell.

Small Changes in the Bathroom Can Result In a Big Return

Minor renovations are much beneficial to the kitchen and bathrooms. It is not expensive to replace an outdated vanity, add a new tile, or put new plumbing and lighting fixtures to the house, but you get to enjoy many advantages associated with these activities. They are not only guaranteeing a profitable sell but also giving your bath an upgraded modern appearance.

Replace Worn Out Carpets and Area Rugs

Perform a proper examination of the soft house flooring. Do you have some worn out or stained carpets and area rugs? Buyers are easily pissed off; if they imagine that, they will have to replace all the home flooring, a short while after buying the house. Obviously, you may want to replace them all at once, which is ideally good. But when your finances are too small to cater for the budget, replace the most conspicuous flaws first and then later others, as your finances grow.

Install a Solar Panel

According to the research conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, each addition of $0.5 in energy bill savings (solar installation) adds $10 to your home’s total value. Though the exact number varies from installation to installation and property to property, recent research revealed an average rise in the resale value being $5,900 for every one kilowatt of solar installed. Installing a solar panel in your house goes beyond generating greater profits, to increasing your chances of selling the property. According to the statistics, houses containing installed solar panels sell 25% percent faster than the ones without.

Use a Tank-Less Water Heater Model

Tankless water heating systems are both economical and cost effective, and are what most of the buyers are yearning for.

Make Improvements at Your Home Entrance

The appearance of your house front door has a greater impact on its value. Every visitor will have to pass through the door, which therefore serves as a first impression. Make sure that your main door is up to par. If not, go straight to your local home improvement service providers and get a more efficient replacement. You may choose a wooden door, painted beautifully with popular colours, or select a big door with glass panels. The bottom line is that a beautiful door plays a vital role, as far as the house value is concerned.

Amazing Tips to Maintain Home with Less Efforts

When you have a 9-5 job, keeping your house clean and well maintained can be very challenging. But this is not at all impossible with this amazing tips to maintain home with less efforts. There are some suggestions from our professional home removalists and from removalists reviews in home removalists interstate website.

  • Create a list of task you need to complete in a weekly basis.
  • Separate the daily task from the weekly task
  • Organize a cleaning routine and do it one at a time according to your schedule.
  • Share the routines – all these household chores shouldn’t need to be done by you. You have a family who can also do some of the daily routines and adding their own duties will be a big help to maintain your house. Let them create their own household checklist to instill in their minds that they, too, have responsibilities.

Teach your kids to be well-organized- this will not only help the house free from clutters and dirt, it will also help them in the future. Once they get used to this good habit, they will grow with it— making you feel like you are the best mom ever. Simple things your kids can do to help you maintain home with less efforts Do yourself and your kids a favor by involving them in housework. By asking them to help in the household chores, you are honing them to become responsible grown-ups as early as early as possible. This helps them as they grow older. It makes them feel good to know that, at a very young age, they can be a great help which give them the feeling of importance.

  • Watering the plants
  • Washing the dishes
  • Organizing their things
  • Sweeping the floor

Additional tips to keep your house clean and well-organized with less efforts

  • Use doormats – Use the right house mat at every door entry- placing a doormat at the main door will certainly help keep your house free from dirt. Make sure to use door mat that’s high quality—one that can really trap the dirt from shoes. Doormats made with rugged coir, flex fibers or woven coco are worthy doormats.
  • Clean as you go – Clean whatever is used while preparing you meal, this way, it won’t be so hard to clean the kitchen sink after an enjoyable meal. Always leave your shoes at the door or on a shoe rack near the door- shoes can track any kinds of dirt like leaves, gums, food, dust, so make sure to leave it right where they should be to keep your floors shiny.
  • Daily maintenance – Make sure that you do your daily maintenance to avoid clutters in any part of your home. Here is a sample guide to help you follow your checklist:
  • As soon as you get up in the morning – Put a load in the washing machine to keep your laundry basket empty, this will help you focus more on things that you can do to be more productive in a daily basis. Thinking of things like “I have to do my laundry” or “I have to clean the house”, will no longer be a nuisance to you even when you are working full time.

  • Unload the washing after your morning coffee – See, you have just enjoyed your coffee while your clothes are in the washing!
  • Before bedtime – Unclutter your living room- books should be kept on bookshelves, magazine on a magazine rack, coffee tables should be without cups and throw pillows on its proper place. This will also unburden you from unnecessary thoughts that can keep you wide-awake at night.
  • After uncluttering the living room and washing the dishes it’s time to go to bed – Make sure to have a goodnight sleep by having a warm shower, help yourself relax and free your mind from the things that you were not able to do, this helps you go to bed with peace of mind so you can have another good morning and get ready for another productive day.
  • Keep a rag to wipe your bathroom mirrors, tub and sink – This is a daily maintenance to avoid it from being slimy. Make it free from germs by using sanitized rag.
  • Keep your bathroom clean by using bathmats – Bathmats are used to cover as a stand while you dry yourself, it soak the water making your bathroom free from water.
  • Use a shower curtain – When you use shower curtain, there wouldn’t be a need to mop the bathroom floor after your bath. So it saves you times while it helps keep the bathroom safe and clean.

Weekly routine to help maintain home with less effort

  • Recycle things – Placing all your useful things in a stock room will not do you any good, why don’t you recycle them? Or give away the stuff that you don’t really need anymore. Somebody may even find it valuable. By this, at least, you were able to help them by giving it away.
  • Be a good example – Kids are observers and what they see is what they are going to do- even if it’s wrong sometimes. So be a very good example to keep everything in place.
  • Get rid of old receipts and old bills and junk mail – There’s no need to keep junk mails from unsolicited advertising mail. You can even stop them from sending you these mails. Just contact Department Marketing Association (DMA) to opt out from this service. Old bills is of no use either. Old receipts that you stuck in the drawer for years? Get rid of them.
  • Don’t over decorate your house – Cleaning and maintaining your house can really be a headache if you have more stuff that you need. Flower bases and pots should be minimal. Decors such as figurines and china wares must be placed only in areas where it can’t easily be smashed. It’s too tough to clean broken pieces of these stuff, so better keep it away from open spaces.

Be creative and organize your entire home with less effort by using DIY organizers

  • Place small bins in your drawers to organize your personal things.
  • Stuff some of these bins in your bathroom drawers and organize your plastic bottles, shampoo, soap and personal stuff like make up.
  • Use a craft box for your accessories- accessories can really create a huge mess if left anywhere. Sometimes, you can’t even find your favorite earrings.
  • Your kids’ stuff creates about 50% of the house mess most of the times, so here are creative things that you can do to avoid them:
  • Put crayons in a transparent plastic box
  • Use shoe organizer as their school stuff organizer
  • Use plastic organizer in different sizes to keep their toys

5 Amazing tips to learn Project Management in an easy and effective way

I have learned how important knowing what project management is when i was trying to apply for a job before the project management training. The company’s only position left to be filled was for a Project Manager and since I was desperate for a job, I applied even if I had no idea of what the job entails. It would have been easier if I had followed any of sample project’s plan template as a part of the online certification. Offcourse that was a totally wrong move but helped me landing my next job.

I should have learned what exactly training courses are offering first before I embarked on that job application. In the end, as I expected, I did not get hired. I felt disappointed, but I was more ashamed for trying out for something I have no knowledge of. It was very irresponsible of me to attempt to enter an avenue that I am not familiar with.

From that day on, I told myself that I would learn everything I can about project management, as I have discovered that project managers are really very much in demand. They earn good wage and there are lots of opportunities for promotions and success. Some were even able to set up their own companies.

So, in my journey to educate myself on project management, I searched online for it. I have learned that additionally, project management includes the management of the project plan implementation, as well as operation of regular control to make sure that objective and accurate information is in place. Project management is a process used in carefully planning and organizing a project, of course with the objective of finishing it successfully.

A project is defined as a one-time endeavor that results in specific outcome – either a successful or a failed project. This is a good explanation and it made me realize that a project is different from a program, as the latter is a continuing process.

On this journey, I have learned of five tips to learn project management in easy and effective means. And as I aim to help other people, I would like to share these tips so that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of learning more about project management.

  1. First, it is important to understand that project management entails plan development. This includes effectively defining and then confirming the project objectives and goals. It is also essential to be able to identify the tasks involved, as well as the goals the need to be achieve, quantifying the needed resources, and determination of timelines and budgets required for completion.
  2. The second tip is to understand the stages and the phases that projects generally follow. These include; feasibility studies, project definition, planning, project implementation, projects evaluation and maintenance/support for the team. If a project manager is not able to implement these steps accordingly, or if one stage or phase is ignored or taken for granted, there is a big possibility of project failure. Therefore, my tip is to make sure that each stage is undertaken and no phase is overlooked.
  3. Next, I have learned that using Project management tools is very helpful. There are software programs that can be used for a more efficient and effective project management process. One important tip is to find a software program that comes highly recommended. This means reading reviews of users is important. In most cases, an effective software tool gains several good reviews and high ratings.
  4. Another thing that I learned is that there are training programs especially created for Project Management. One such recommended programs is the PRINCE2 training. This is a project management programs currently being used by the UK government and by private organizations all over the world. By enrolling on this online business training program, I was able to learn more about the importance of gaining knowledge about project management. The courses are available for individuals and organizations. This means that you have the option to use what you learned in your own business or in your attempt to find a good Project Management job.
  5. Lastly, I have learned that it is definitely important to know and understand the significance of project managers. As one who aims to be a project manager, I discovered that I should know how important that position is in an organization. As business executives and entrepreneurs are busy dealing with they day to day responsibilities of running their organizations, it is essential to employ dedicated and highly skilled project managers that will effectively oversee the projects; from their conception up to completion.

These five tips have been very helpful to me. As I deal with my everyday life now as a project manager for a reputable company, as still look at each of these tips to remind me of what i have learned. Additionally, I share these tips and everything else that I learned to my colleagues and the people that work under my team. I want them to gain the same knowledge as I did. I want them to know how important project management is.

Also, by sharing these tips and what I have learned, I know that I am giving the company I work for the chance to be successful in almost every project endeavor. With the right education on project management, it is quite easy to go from one project to another because everyone involved knows what they are supposed to do. There is no need to keep on imparting similar instructions, especially the generals ones. If a project is a new one, then only new and special information and instructions should be added to the set process of project management that is already in place.

To end this story of how I learned of the best tips to learn project management in effective and easy way, I would like to remind everyone, that education is a continuing process. I have learned that the hard way. I have to fail first before I learn that the education I have is not enough to land me just any job. I have to gain more education if I want to get the position that I want.