Amazing Tips to Maintain Home with Less Efforts

When you have a 9-5 job, keeping your house clean and well maintained can be very challenging. But this is not at all impossible with this amazing tips to maintain home with less efforts. There are some suggestions from our professional home removalists and from removalists reviews in home removalists interstate website.

  • Create a list of task you need to complete in a weekly basis.
  • Separate the daily task from the weekly task
  • Organize a cleaning routine and do it one at a time according to your schedule.
  • Share the routines – all these household chores shouldn’t need to be done by you. You have a family who can also do some of the daily routines and adding their own duties will be a big help to maintain your house. Let them create their own household checklist to instill in their minds that they, too, have responsibilities.

Teach your kids to be well-organized- this will not only help the house free from clutters and dirt, it will also help them in the future. Once they get used to this good habit, they will grow with it— making you feel like you are the best mom ever. Simple things your kids can do to help you maintain home with less efforts Do yourself and your kids a favor by involving them in housework. By asking them to help in the household chores, you are honing them to become responsible grown-ups as early as early as possible. This helps them as they grow older. It makes them feel good to know that, at a very young age, they can be a great help which give them the feeling of importance.

  • Watering the plants
  • Washing the dishes
  • Organizing their things
  • Sweeping the floor

Additional tips to keep your house clean and well-organized with less efforts

  • Use doormats – Use the right house mat at every door entry- placing a doormat at the main door will certainly help keep your house free from dirt. Make sure to use door mat that’s high quality—one that can really trap the dirt from shoes. Doormats made with rugged coir, flex fibers or woven coco are worthy doormats.
  • Clean as you go – Clean whatever is used while preparing you meal, this way, it won’t be so hard to clean the kitchen sink after an enjoyable meal. Always leave your shoes at the door or on a shoe rack near the door- shoes can track any kinds of dirt like leaves, gums, food, dust, so make sure to leave it right where they should be to keep your floors shiny.
  • Daily maintenance – Make sure that you do your daily maintenance to avoid clutters in any part of your home. Here is a sample guide to help you follow your checklist:
  • As soon as you get up in the morning – Put a load in the washing machine to keep your laundry basket empty, this will help you focus more on things that you can do to be more productive in a daily basis. Thinking of things like “I have to do my laundry” or “I have to clean the house”, will no longer be a nuisance to you even when you are working full time.

  • Unload the washing after your morning coffee – See, you have just enjoyed your coffee while your clothes are in the washing!
  • Before bedtime – Unclutter your living room- books should be kept on bookshelves, magazine on a magazine rack, coffee tables should be without cups and throw pillows on its proper place. This will also unburden you from unnecessary thoughts that can keep you wide-awake at night.
  • After uncluttering the living room and washing the dishes it’s time to go to bed – Make sure to have a goodnight sleep by having a warm shower, help yourself relax and free your mind from the things that you were not able to do, this helps you go to bed with peace of mind so you can have another good morning and get ready for another productive day.
  • Keep a rag to wipe your bathroom mirrors, tub and sink – This is a daily maintenance to avoid it from being slimy. Make it free from germs by using sanitized rag.
  • Keep your bathroom clean by using bathmats – Bathmats are used to cover as a stand while you dry yourself, it soak the water making your bathroom free from water.
  • Use a shower curtain – When you use shower curtain, there wouldn’t be a need to mop the bathroom floor after your bath. So it saves you times while it helps keep the bathroom safe and clean.

Weekly routine to help maintain home with less effort

  • Recycle things – Placing all your useful things in a stock room will not do you any good, why don’t you recycle them? Or give away the stuff that you don’t really need anymore. Somebody may even find it valuable. By this, at least, you were able to help them by giving it away.
  • Be a good example – Kids are observers and what they see is what they are going to do- even if it’s wrong sometimes. So be a very good example to keep everything in place.
  • Get rid of old receipts and old bills and junk mail – There’s no need to keep junk mails from unsolicited advertising mail. You can even stop them from sending you these mails. Just contact Department Marketing Association (DMA) to opt out from this service. Old bills is of no use either. Old receipts that you stuck in the drawer for years? Get rid of them.
  • Don’t over decorate your house – Cleaning and maintaining your house can really be a headache if you have more stuff that you need. Flower bases and pots should be minimal. Decors such as figurines and china wares must be placed only in areas where it can’t easily be smashed. It’s too tough to clean broken pieces of these stuff, so better keep it away from open spaces.

Be creative and organize your entire home with less effort by using DIY organizers

  • Place small bins in your drawers to organize your personal things.
  • Stuff some of these bins in your bathroom drawers and organize your plastic bottles, shampoo, soap and personal stuff like make up.
  • Use a craft box for your accessories- accessories can really create a huge mess if left anywhere. Sometimes, you can’t even find your favorite earrings.
  • Your kids’ stuff creates about 50% of the house mess most of the times, so here are creative things that you can do to avoid them:
  • Put crayons in a transparent plastic box
  • Use shoe organizer as their school stuff organizer
  • Use plastic organizer in different sizes to keep their toys