5 Amazing tips to learn Project Management in an easy and effective way

I have learned how important knowing what project management is when i was trying to apply for a job before the project management training. The company’s only position left to be filled was for a Project Manager and since I was desperate for a job, I applied even if I had no idea of what the job entails. It would have been easier if I had followed any of sample project’s plan template as a part of the online certification. Offcourse that was a totally wrong move but helped me landing my next job.

I should have learned what exactly training courses are offering first before I embarked on that job application. In the end, as I expected, I did not get hired. I felt disappointed, but I was more ashamed for trying out for something I have no knowledge of. It was very irresponsible of me to attempt to enter an avenue that I am not familiar with.

From that day on, I told myself that I would learn everything I can about project management, as I have discovered that project managers are really very much in demand. They earn good wage and there are lots of opportunities for promotions and success. Some were even able to set up their own companies.

So, in my journey to educate myself on project management, I searched online for it. I have learned that additionally, project management includes the management of the project plan implementation, as well as operation of regular control to make sure that objective and accurate information is in place. Project management is a process used in carefully planning and organizing a project, of course with the objective of finishing it successfully.

A project is defined as a one-time endeavor that results in specific outcome – either a successful or a failed project. This is a good explanation and it made me realize that a project is different from a program, as the latter is a continuing process.

On this journey, I have learned of five tips to learn project management in easy and effective means. And as I aim to help other people, I would like to share these tips so that everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of learning more about project management.

  1. First, it is important to understand that project management entails plan development. This includes effectively defining and then confirming the project objectives and goals. It is also essential to be able to identify the tasks involved, as well as the goals the need to be achieve, quantifying the needed resources, and determination of timelines and budgets required for completion.
  2. The second tip is to understand the stages and the phases that projects generally follow. These include; feasibility studies, project definition, planning, project implementation, projects evaluation and maintenance/support for the team. If a project manager is not able to implement these steps accordingly, or if one stage or phase is ignored or taken for granted, there is a big possibility of project failure. Therefore, my tip is to make sure that each stage is undertaken and no phase is overlooked.
  3. Next, I have learned that using Project management tools is very helpful. There are software programs that can be used for a more efficient and effective project management process. One important tip is to find a software program that comes highly recommended. This means reading reviews of users is important. In most cases, an effective software tool gains several good reviews and high ratings.
  4. Another thing that I learned is that there are training programs especially created for Project Management. One such recommended programs is the PRINCE2 training. This is a project management programs currently being used by the UK government and by private organizations all over the world. By enrolling on this online business training program, I was able to learn more about the importance of gaining knowledge about project management. The courses are available for individuals and organizations. This means that you have the option to use what you learned in your own business or in your attempt to find a good Project Management job.
  5. Lastly, I have learned that it is definitely important to know and understand the significance of project managers. As one who aims to be a project manager, I discovered that I should know how important that position is in an organization. As business executives and entrepreneurs are busy dealing with they day to day responsibilities of running their organizations, it is essential to employ dedicated and highly skilled project managers that will effectively oversee the projects; from their conception up to completion.

These five tips have been very helpful to me. As I deal with my everyday life now as a project manager for a reputable company, as still look at each of these tips to remind me of what i have learned. Additionally, I share these tips and everything else that I learned to my colleagues and the people that work under my team. I want them to gain the same knowledge as I did. I want them to know how important project management is.

Also, by sharing these tips and what I have learned, I know that I am giving the company I work for the chance to be successful in almost every project endeavor. With the right education on project management, it is quite easy to go from one project to another because everyone involved knows what they are supposed to do. There is no need to keep on imparting similar instructions, especially the generals ones. If a project is a new one, then only new and special information and instructions should be added to the set process of project management that is already in place.

To end this story of how I learned of the best tips to learn project management in effective and easy way, I would like to remind everyone, that education is a continuing process. I have learned that the hard way. I have to fail first before I learn that the education I have is not enough to land me just any job. I have to gain more education if I want to get the position that I want.